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Whether you're a diehard disciple of Walton, learnt alongside Peter from Crabtree, stayed up late to watch Wilson, got guided by 'A Passion for Angling' or have just realised there is a piscatorial world beyond commercial carp fisheries, hopefully you will find something to interest you here. This site was really for those that appreciate all of the above, practice those purer virtues and for whom angling is more than just a hobby.

PurePiscator.com was produced between the years 2006-2009, from the efforts of a rag-tag group of normal, everyday anglers, referred to here as 'The Work Party', who for no monetary encouragement, enjoyed writing and sharing their experiences, knowledge (sometimes self-admittedly limited) and views on their favourite pastime. This was no elitist group, being drawn from a variety of ages, backgrounds, nationalities and styles, they shared a common love and respect of all things piscatorial. Saltwater or Fresh, Coarse, Game or Sea, traditional or modern, here it mattered not, the idea simply being to create a varied collection of articles and opinions from anglers across the whole angling spectrum.

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Please bear in mind that not all of the Work Party classified themselves as proper writers or even as being that well educated. With that in mind therefore, there is no need to contact us just to point out some of us were literally lacking - we know that already. Basically just excuse the spelling and grammar.

We hope this was a somewhat laid back place. On the flipside, sometimes there were important issues to raise or support and, although we didn’t want to get too political here, these issues weren't shied away from. Being a non-profit making site, with no payroll, sponsors or affiliations, there was the potential for individual and genuine opinion. These views may at some point have conflicted with your own, they undoubtedly differed from one work party member to the next, and therefore any opinions expressed did not necessarily represent the 'Work Party' or site as a whole.

We also realised that some anglers put more effort into pursuing their quarry than others, it’s for this reason that there was a policy on this site not to reveal precise venue or swim details. This was purely to ensure that the existing efforts of some aren't disturbed unfairly by others who don't wish to put the same effort in.


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Whether we fish with a rod of cane, glass or carbon, wet our line in salt or freshwater, target one species or all, own a stretch of river or fish in our village pond, when it comes down to it all that really mattered at purepiscator.com was that we respected our quarry, their environment and of course our fellow piscators.

Contrary to some angler’s beliefs (we’ve all met them), none of us know it all. As anglers we should be learning from first cast to last. Those that open their eyes, ears and minds to others and their surroundings along the way will undoubtedly become better anglers for it. It’s this learning curve, that can be as sweet as any put in your rod, that makes angling such a worthy lifetime progression. That this is missed by so many new anglers, rushing to bag the biggest, is such a great shame for them and the sport. That said its never too late for any piscator to discover or remember what really matters.

And finally (promise this time)….. this site would've been nothing without ‘The Work Party’, its was their time and effort that provided the flotsam and jetsam that congregated together as PurePiscator.com. Thanks go out to all of them. More than anything else, this site began for the love of angling. We hope you enjoyed it.



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