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I've been seriously coarse fishing for the last ten years or so since becoming a Norfolk resident, and friends with fellow PP'er Matthew. Before that I fished with my Dad for eels in the dykes around the Essex backwaters of the rivers Roach and Crouch, and also did a bit of sea fishing.

When I say 'seriously fishing', I don't mean in a solemn and grave manner; I mean as often, and for as long, as possible.

My favourite style of fishing is with a lump of luncheon meat for chub and barbel on the Hampshire Avon; in-between my ten years in Norfolk I lived in Dorset for a year, and so was able to indulge myself on a regular basis. My girlfriend was very understanding when I told her I had a job in Dorset and would be moving away! However after a year she finally managed to drag me back, and now I only get to visit for a couple of weeks a year. When not able to fish the Avon, I still consider myself very lucky due to the wealth of angling opportunities in East Anglia: literally hundreds of miles of drains and rivers rarely, sometimes never, fished; estate lakes with ancient carp; bass spinning on the beautiful North Norfolk coast; even genuine chalk stream fly-fishing for wild brownies (something I've not yet managed to catch).

When not fishing I read, write, watch cricket, and spend too much time in the pub with Matthew. Oh, and when I have to I go to work for the NHS; a terrible, but I grudgingly admit neccessary, tax on my time.

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