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Swedish Tench

Water – or rather the denizens thereof – has always been central in my life. I was out fishing for the first time some 30 ys ago - at the age of 2. Weeks that is. All my youth I was out fishing with my father whenever possible - pike, perch, roach, bream, trout, even sea fishing. My favourite fishing was stalking trout with worms in small rivers. When I was about 15 ys we bought a largeish boat and started fishing for larger pike and zander in the archipelago and large lakes. I turned into a fanatic predator fisherman. Only fish with teeth counted. But when I caught my first tench that obsession was cured – for good?

Right now I am obsessed with carp. And, considering how few and far between they are in Sweden (which is where I live), I believe that it will take me some time (a life time?) to reach a point where I feel I have no more to learn about them! I still take time for tench, chub, perch, zander and crucians though.

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